Clearview Powerboards and Powerfolds

Clearview Powerboards and Powerfolds

As many vehicles are becoming electric, and many features of new vehicles are electric, so are Clearviews mirrors and sidesteps. Clearview Sidesteps are designed to lower when the door is opened, and retract when the door is closed - Neat. Clearview Powerfolds work the same was as electric mirrors on the side of your vehicle, only they are bigger - increased visability. Clearview Powerboards protect the sill of your vehicle, and dont compromise on clearence. Clearview Powerboards lower lower to the ground than a standard sidestep, making the step into your vehicle even easier than with a standard sidesteps, and retracts to a higher position than the standard non electric sidestep. This is great for Clearance. The Powerfolds are the top of the range when it comes to aftermarket towing mirrors. These mirrors are available in Black or Chrome, and spare parts redility available. For more information on these smart innovations, please contact us or visit us instore!

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