Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long Range Fuel Tanks

When you hit the track for the big lap, fuel stations become further and further spread out. Long-Range Fuel Tanks are essentially for built for the convenience of not having to fill-up as regularly with also the added benefit of being able to fill-up where fuel is cheapest or where you know the fuel is reliable and clean.

Are Jerry Cans an Option?

Jerry Cans are still a very popular way to store extra fuel. This has both good and bad aspects. Keeping extra fuel in Jerrycans in the vehicle itself is illegal. The second issue with to Jerrycans is the balance of the vehicle. Fuel Tanks are designed to sit as low as possible, without compromising on ground clearance. As soon as jerrycans go on the roof, the vehicle can become top heavy. Storing Jerrycans on a spare jerrycan holder on a rear bar is a great option, however, this will ad a lot of extra unnecessary weight to the back of a vehicle.

Original Tank VS. Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank

Under a vehicle, there is a lot of wasted space. Long range fuel tanks are cleverly designed to minimise wasted space below your vehicle, while still maintaining much needed ground clearance on the vehicle. The Brown Davis fuel tank to suit the Toyota Hilux 4x4 for example, removes the original 80 Litre fuel tank, and replaces it with a 150-litre fuel tank. This is almost double the fuel capacity and can give up to an extra 900km!

Hilux 4x4 Comparision - Original Tank VS. Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank

The Brown Davis Aluminised Steel long range fuel tank is manufactured from 2mm aluminium coated cold rolled steel making it super strong with maximum strength. Brown Davis make 3 types of fuel tanks; the Long-Range Replacement System, Transfer System and the Independent System. The most popular of these three is the Long-Range Replacement Fuel tank.


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