Airbag Man Airbags

Airbag Man Airbags

Need to carry more weight in the rear of your vehicle, but also want a great ride when the weight is not on the vehicle? - Your problem is Solved!

Airbag Man Airbags are a great choice when you are carrying heavy loads. Airbags keep an excellent ride quality, whether the vehicle is carrying weight or unladen. The airbag assists the vehicle when the load in the vehicle is more than the springs are designed to carry. Simply pump up the airbag when the vehicle is loaded and when the added weight is removed, release the air in the airbag. 

Airbag man Airbags are used in conjunction with the existing springs in the vehicle and act as an assist to eliminate spring sag. Airbags also provide stability to your vehicle when towing and including when carrying uneven loads. Other advantages include better breaking, improved steering and handling, stabilised body roll and most importantly, no need to upgrade the vehicles springs. Airbag Man Airbags are available for a range of vehicles, utes and vans, leaf or coil sprung.


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