The long weekend is fast approaching, which means an opportunity to escape the hussle & bussle of life & head to the beach for a few day under canvas. On a summers day there is nothing like relaxing at the beach with the cool breezes blowing off the ocean. Sometimes just getting to the desired campsite can be a stressful affair. On a long weekend, we are not the only person having the same idea of heading to the seaside.

This usually means lots of traffic on the sand which inevitably leads to soft sand or worse, deep ruts of soft sand. Once we get that sinking feeling in sand the first thing we do is press that go pedal through the floor. That is the worse thing to do as we have just dug ourselves deeper, which extends our recovery time. Just because you are stuck, don't let that put you off your adventure.

This is where a quality recovery kit is worth its weight in gold or beer, depending on your preference. Self recovery is the option of the lone adventurers as you don't need any other assistance. The Opposite Lock range of recovery gear is phenomenal starting with the Trac Grabber. This handy bit of kit straps anywhere on your tyres allowing you to simply drive out of your predicament. The Tyre deflator lets air out of your tyres which extends the footprint of your tyre allowing it to float on top of the sand instead of digging in. Seen as we have let air out of the tyres, we need to re-inflate them before we hit the black top again. Opposite lock have a range of quality air compressors that will not let you down when you need it most. Last but not least, there is the least thought of item in our kit. The Shovel. Maybe its the thought of having to work when you are supposed to be relaxing, but most cases it is all we need to get us going again. Again Opposite lock has this covered with a handy 8 piece shovel with accessories that neatly packs away in its bag.

For the Adventurers who prefer to travel in groups, a different range of recovery gear is required. A good quality snatch strap is something every 4WD should carry along with appropriately rated shackles. Load bridles will spread the stress load of a snatch recovery between both sides of the chassis. Rated recovery hitch for the  rear as well as rated recovery hooks for the front of the vehicle is the safe option.

At Autokit we can deck you out with all the quality recovery gear from Opposite Lock. With over 100yrs of offroading experience in store, you can expect the right advice on getting you on your adventure.

We are the ADVENTURE DRIVEN people after all.

Have a safe & enjoyable long weekend from the staff at Autokit- Opposite Lock Bundaberg. 

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12/12/2023 11:08 AM
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