Are you ready to hit the track?

Are you ready to hit the track?

Are you ready to hit the track for the big lap? Here at autokit, we have a part of several deckouts.

The first step in preparing for the road ahead is deciding what is going to work for you. Everyone has different essentials when setting up their vehicle. When towing we recommend you have the following accessories fitted to your vehicle to get you started on your adventure.

1) Electric Brake Units

2) UHF and Aerial

3) Anderson Plug

4) Supersprings or Airbags

5) Towing Mirrors

6) Towbar

7) Lighting

8) Roofracks

9) Frontal Protection

 Heres some deals to get you started


Lets face it, Australia is an amazing country with some unique landscapes we can only explore and experience 

What are you waiting for? See our experienced team today! Your adventure awaits!

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