Opposite Lock Fridge Freezers

Thinking of buying a new camping fridge/ freezer? Opposite Lock have punched a great deal into the pack! When buying a fridge, there are various key features which makes’ the Opposite Lock fridge superior.

  •           Thick walls – more durability and uses less power
  •           Lockable – safe from potential
  •           Removable seals – easy for cleaning especially mould/ mildew
  •           Internal LED light – allows for night time use
  •           Door alarm – don’t risk spoiling your food by leaving your fridge/ freezer open!
  •           All parts are replaceable – break or lose any part, easily fixed
  •           Battery Monitor, Travel Bag and Remote Temperature Monitor
  •           Stainless Steel cabinet – easy to clean
  •           Comes with a full body thermal cover – extra protection for the fridge
  •           Compressor is by SnoMaster – trusted brand!
  •           5 years compressor warranty, 2 years fridge warranty
  •           Won the 4x4 Action competition when lined up with 8 competitors.
  •           Available in 40L Fridge/ Freezer and 72L Fridge & Freezer.

For any other enquiries contact us.

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