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SmartBars are Australian owned with the vision of creating a bullbar specifically engineered for safely. Using advanced design capabilities, the construction of polyethylene bullbars makes them chip and rust resistant. Made from roto moulded polyethylene, SmartBars are a strong lightweight bullbar. SmartBars advantages over other bullbars are; the bullbars do not rust and are chip resistant. Compared to other bars, because of the lighter weight, vehicles with a SmartBars compared to any other bullbar are more cost efficient as there is less weight and therefore less strain on the vehicle. This results in less wear on the suspension and tyres plus better fuel economy! As well as exceeding the Standards for Australian Pedestrian safety, the SmartBar bullbar also has five star ANCAP rating. Did you know… the design of the SmartBar allows it to return to 95% of its original shape after just minutes of impact! Don’t believe this? View the video on this link.

Enjoy the ride, do yourself a favour and insist on a lighter, safe and strong bullbar!!! Think SmartBar. Browse some of our products below or contacts us today for a quote for your vehicle today.

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