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KingOne's range of winches are strong and reliable. Being tough gives the winch strong pulling power to get your 4x4 where you want to go! KingOne has a great reputation for designing above the ordinary winches that won’t let you down in Aussie conditions.

For more information or if the winch you are looking for is not listed below, call us on 4151 6211 or contact us.

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Kingone 9500 pound Winch with Dyneema Rope or steel cable

The most popular selling model is the rope friendly TDS 9.5, built to the highest specifications and manufactured specifically for off-road use, the TDS 9.5 is made to work through the toughest conditions. Additional waterproofing features include specially manufactured sealed motor drum supports and V-ring seals inside the drum flanges. The TDS line of winches are ready to run in the hardest conditions straight from the box. The TDS 9.5 offers a 5.0hp motor and only draws 338 Amps at a full pull of 9500lb

Using a rotating ring gear, means the gears are ALWAYS set ready to run which eliminates any final drive gear meshing that may occur as per a sliding cluch type winch. The easy turn free spool lever drops and retracts a huge 18mm pin into one of the eight provisions around the ring gear, a ring gear also makes free spooling an absolute breeze.

All Kingone winches use machined gears (not punched) and are made from alloy steel for greater hardness, wear capabilities and its high corrosion resistance, they are also pressed together in the housing for much greater strength.

The external brake is a positive double tapered cone brake so the more pressure that is applied to the cable the tighter the brake is applied, this is very reassuring when you are on a steep incline. This is what makes our winch rope friendly as there is no heat build up in the drum like in-the-drum brake type winches. All the features you have ever wanted in a winch are now in 1 box. call for a quote for your vehicle today!
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